Cobra & TPA Services

COBRA and TPA Services

Montage has its own, in-house COBRA department. Your employees get to know us and trust us over the years as your broker, and housing COBRA under our own roof means that your employees get a familiar face to transition them onto their COBRA coverage. We are licensed TPA’s and take care of your COBRA population with the same love and care we give to your full time staff.

Montage COBRA Administrative Services is your skilled point of contact for any matters regarding your company’s COBRA.

Montage COBRA Administrative Services Will Save You Money & Time!

With COBRA coverage, there are many potential risks, liabilities and claims issues that any employer can face.  We work with you to minimize these risks while     simultaneously being able to bring forth noteworthy savings for our clients.  Some of these risks include adverse selection and payment of unnecessary claims.

Montage COBRA Administrative Services Will Save You the Headaches & Stress!

Handling COBRA issues with employees and former employees can be stressful and emotional.  Montage will use our personal touch to work with you and your participants, even guiding employees towards individual plans if necessary.

Montage, We’re With You Every Step of the Way!

Our in-house certified benefits experts are trained and knowledgeable, and are skilled at managing every aspect of your COBRA administrative duties.  Montage services include reporting, timely notification, updated employee information and comprehensive documentation.

Montage is Dedicated to Helping You!

Our purpose is to treat ourselves, each other, our clients, their employees and families, and our community with kindness, so all remember that we were there when they needed us with the proper commitment.  The Montage Purpose is for each of us to do business with honesty and integrity with each decision.  We shall stand firm in our beliefs.

Our List of COBRA Administrative Services Includes:

  • Personalized answers to any COBRA-related questions that any employee, spouse or dependents should have
  • Reliable notifications and tracking
  • Notification in writing to all newly covered employees and dependents of their COBRA Initial Rights
  • Notification to qualified beneficiaries of their rights under COBRA when a qualifying event occurs
  • Notification to beneficiaries of their conversion rights
  • Notification to the employer and the beneficiaries when a participant’s eligibility expires under COBRA
  • Reinstatement notification to beneficiaries upon their COBRA election and payment
  • Billing & collecting beneficiary COBRA premiums
  • Notification to beneficiaries of changes in premium rates
  • Comprehensive management reports at the beginning of each month informing the employer of all COBRA activity
  • Remittance of collected insurance premiums to the employer (or insurance carriers as an optional service) with accounting documentation
  • Implementation of any new requirements for federal compliance as a COBRA law changes
  • Skilled assistance with any open enrollment changes for all beneficiaries

Montage COBRA Administrative Services is your worry-free solution for your COBRA compliance! When you are a Montage client, you deserve a hands-on approach!

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