Employee Benefits

Plans You Can Count On, People You Can Trust

Selecting and managing your employee benefits program is like running a business within a business. The complexity, mandates and regulations can put a stranglehold on your schedule. We go the extra mile to ensure your benefits program is valuable to both you and your employees. We don’t “sell you” or “tell you”—we educate you on plan designs and the marketplace pulse at any moment in time, so you can make the best decision for your benefits program.
Employee Benefits
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  • Dental Insurance
  • Vision Insurance
  • Self-Funded/ASO Quotes
  • Life Insurance
  • Disability Insurance
  • Worksite Products
  • Voluntary Benefits
  • Retiree Benefits/Medicare Supplements
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Doing our Homework

We have a total approach that begins with marketing to every carrier, painting them a picture of your company as a whole.  We negotiate with your employees and their families in mind and bring forth the absolute best plans and pricing.  We then generate detailed spreadsheets in every manner imaginable to ensure when you and your finance team meet to make decisions on the year’s benefits, you have crunched every data point so clearly you are sure you have arrived at your budget's perfect balance between cost and coverage. Through our process, we are able to create a big picture approach with you, tailoring and implementing a plan we see from inception, through open enrollment and beyond.

The Year Throughout

Through its DSI heritage, Montage has been known to put together an unparalleled Open Enrollment or Health Fair event with food, raffle prizes, and so much more; but it doesn't stop there.  Our comprehensive Wellness Campaign truly paved the way in our industry.  With year-round on-site events, monthly newsletters and Montage trademarked services, we make you and your department shine throughout the entire company.  Truly, the Montage difference is cementing you as being invaluable to your company.

Expertise You Need

Frequent and enthusiastic engagement in employee education is the single greatest driver of positive sentiments about the benefits package.  Getting "buy-in" from employees and their families is the greatest link to the expense of benefits and the Return on Investment your organization sees through retention levels, satisfaction and productivity. We have created exciting, active and encouraging Open Enrollment events that speak to the hearts and minds of employees.  Because education is vital, we simplify and teach benefits to your employees while also instilling a savvy consumer inside them with our customized brochures, PowerPoint presentations that connect with employees and our personal approach to presenting.