The Montage Difference


Danone Simpson's early years taught her the meaning and value of impeccable customer care. At the prompting of clients she founded Danone Simpson Insurance Services LLC. Today, the DSI DBA, of Montage Insurance Solutions has over 100 carrier appointments.   Danone and her dedicated team have fulfilled the goal of offering more than ordinary brokerage service providers - that's the Montage difference


Creating a new brand under the Montage Insurance Solutions banner reflects our special ability to provide deep knowledge and insight, offering a montage of events and solutions from Wellness & Safety initiatives to customized insurance programs that perfectly fit each client and their budget. That's why Montage stands out.


Danone and her team are recognized as leaders, offering a greater measure of value to clients throughout the year with training programs, open-enrollment events, executive education and much more. Her highly regarded HR Summit, Montage Leadership seminars, health-fairs, enrollment meetings, wellness events and safety meetings have built a reputation for going the extra mile, giving business leaders the edge in their insurance decision making.


Through event planning and fund development for many charities Danone and Montage have made it an ongoing policy to give back to the community. We do it with passion and energy. In Danone's words, "It takes heart and commitment to be a part of our firm, who puts the client first, always."

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