Julia Goryn

Wellness and Event Coordinator

Julia Goryn is the Wellness and Event Coordinator here at Montage Insurance Solutions. She moved to Southern California from New Jersey in 2005. She very quickly began working for a publishing company where she launched 100’s of online journals and maintained and supported over 1000 journal sites. Julia has 12 years of project management experience and has participated in and planned events such as Health Fairs, Corporate Games, Charity events and many others.

English is Julia’s second language, but she learned to read, write, and speak the language before she started kindergarten; this may be why she majored in English at Montclair State University. Because her passion is helping people, she has taught many of her Polish relatives how to speak English and also, as a young girl, has taught small children to speak Polish in Polish school.

Julia lives in Newbury Park with her boyfriend, Jorge and their two fur babies, a maltipoo named Princess Leia, and a boxer named, Mugsy. Other than her fur babies, she adores her niece Adrianna and her nephew Edwin, both of whom still live in New Jersey. Julia loves to read, visit her family in New Jersey, go camping, cooking, and go golfing.