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Together We’re Stronger

The reverend Martin Luther King Jr once said, “There comes a time where silence is betrayal.”

Those are powerful words and they are appropriate for a time like today.

As a country, as a member of the only race (the human race), and frankly as a world, we are witnessing the justified push back against ideas that seek to wrongly place one human’s value above another. While it is a travesty that we see an ideology of hate dying out slower than any reasonable person would wish for, we do retain hope that we can forge a better tomorrow.

As an employer, we’re well aware that we strive to be much more than just a job—heck, most of the time we strive to be a version of a “Montage Family.” With that one mind, it is non-negotiable that we, as a unified voice say, the Montage Family, in no uncertain terms, believes that any hateful ideology is wrong. We stand for justice, we rebuke the loss of innocent lives, we mourn Mr. Floyd, along with the many, many other victims, and we stand behind each and every one as we try to figure out the balance between “maintaining normal everyday life” and the realities of this emotionally shocking moment in history.

Montage has a long, proud history of hiring and doing business with people of all races, sexual orientations, creeds, and maintaining the belief that business is most properly conducted when there is simply no room for bigotry or exclusion of any kind.

In the name of love, in support of the moment,

Your Montage Family