The Heart, Soul and Spirit of the company

By Danone Simpson | Posted: August 17, 2017

As Featured in CSQ Philanthropy

There is a heart, soul and spirit in each of your companies.  It is important for each employee and vendor to understand your mission first and then each of these elements so all can work, delivering your way. The Spirit is the Leadership- CEO, the soul the CFO and the Heart is the Human Resources.  Why all are crucial to understand is because each has different needs.

The mission of the company is the guiding light and the company will be in disconnect until the mission is in the minds of all participants.  This is the core and all processes are established by this direction. This is historical, established in biblical principles.  The body.  It is a simple philosophy that translates well to companies. As minding the core is the main foundation of Yoga.  This begins with the first insight of a company.   The idea, the need and the delivery of products and services.  It can take time to establish or adjust the mission to keep up with the needs of your customers.  It is not to be taken lightly. Because in time every decision will be made based on this mission, then the values, principals and procedures follow suit.  This should be not only on your wall but established with each employee and new hire from day one.  And if the culture takes a tailspin, go back to the core- the mission always!

The Spirit of the company is the leader, the CEO establishing the goals, direction and needs.  The entrepreneur, who organizes and operates the business, taking on greater than normal financial risks in order to do so.  Why some are so against this today in the news is disturbing because while these individuals may earn more than others is because of this very reason.  Employees and clients can bind the leadership legally in their actions and the risk of starting or running a company from small to large is taking on the greatest risk, establishing jobs for others.  This is why Directors and Officers, Fiduciary, Cyber and Employment Practices Liability Insurance are key in todays environment.  This risk is far too great today to take without these coverages in place.

Tending to the soul of the company is what CFO’s do.  Tomas Moore describes “caring for the soul as almost a father-ship role”.  The CFO manages the leadership (the mission) from the point of view of the soul of the company, guiding and making everyone feel secure providing wisdom.  So the CFO brings not only balance to the books, but to the goals of the spirt of the company. As you know it is “never too late or too early to tend to the soul of the company.”  You must look backwards with key indicators to access where you came from and the look forward with projections to see where you are going.  This is not an easy balance, yet when done well the company as a full body heals, flourishes and grows.

The Heart- Human Resources manages the people and must understand not only the mission of the company to hire appropriately, yet to also assist supervisors in establishing goals for each individual no matter what industry to fully understand the “why” behind every task.  The policy and procedures are not merely a book of rules, but a handbook of “who” the company is, the “why” and the “how”. The HR executive, a strategic partner today more than ever, must embody the understanding of the in-use culture and the CEO’s needs, in assisting to establish the culture model taking us back to the mission and values of the company, which are all guided by the rules of the state.  Today more than ever this partnership in leadership must be in synch, as the Spirit, Soul and Heart of the company.  The depth of these three parts of your company is the essence of its existence as it is today.

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