Anna Maria Napoles

Executive Account Manager

Anna Maria Napoles is an Executive Account Manager in the Woodland Hills branch of Montage Insurance Solutions since late 2016, where she has brought with her over 10 years of insurance experience to employer structure Health & Welfare plans. She has extensive knowledge and creativity in designing unusual and innovative employer benefit plan structures.

Her specialty is in the middle market segment of 100+, where she has extensive understanding of fully insured plan designs. Anna Maria has led a team of insurance professionals in marketing, and has coordinated and implemented successful open enrollment meetings for several Fortune 500 companies.

Anna Maria is a native Californian of Mexican and Spanish decent. She was raised in the small farm community of Camarillo, CA along with her three siblings. She has attended the local schools (Mesa Union School, Rio Mesa High School, and Ventura College). Anna Maria does not have human children but she does have a dog named LUCKYGARCIA. She loves to cook, travel, is an avid reader, and she likes to hike.