Together We’re Stronger

The reverend Martin Luther King Jr once said, “There comes a time where silence is betrayal.” Those are powerful words and they are appropriate for […]

Concerned about a Business Interruption loss from Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Insurance is all about risk transfer where the risk of loss is transferred from your business to insurance. Unfortunately, currently, there are minimal options to […]

New HRAs Coming in 2020

By Tobias Kennedy The New Year has a tendency to bring new regulations and the dawning of 2020 will be no exception. Today, we will […]

Our Client Hydra‐Electric Acquired!

By Danone Simpson We at Montage Insurance Solutions are very proud to announce our client, Hydra Electric has just been purchased and are featured in […]

Employer Solutions to FMLA Management

By Brian Lacher FMLA claims are on the rise and its costing employers up to millions of dollars. Employer cost is 2‐fold; 1) denial and […]

SDI Update and Disability Review

2018 is upon us, and the state of California Employee Development Department State Disability Insurance program (commonly referred to as SDI) has increased the disability […]

She’s Got Moxie

Catch Danone Simpson (Montage President & CEO) on Joy Chudacoff’s podcast, “She’s Got Moxie.”

The Boomer Impact on the US Bottom Line: Examining the rising costs of an aging American population

As Featured in CSQ Corporate Benefits For years, many have been predicting the federal budget would collapse under the aging boomers and we are here. […]

New GOP Healthcare Plan Breakdown

In case you haven’t subscribed to the same “Google Alerts” we do and missed the countless push alerts about the news, House Republicans have unveiled […]

Risk and the High Cost of Insurance

As Featured in CSQ Philanthropy Risk surrounds us everywhere—as we drive, at home, at work, purchasing assets, during disability, turning sixty-five, saving in banks, taking […]

Montage Minute: EEO-1 Filing Due 9/30

The EEO-1 Form is a report filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), mandated by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1967, […]

The Heart, Soul and Spirit of the company

As Featured in CSQ Philanthropy There is a heart, soul and spirit in each of your companies.  It is important for each employee and vendor […]

Montage Minute: $650K Lesson in HIPPA

Catholic Health Care Services of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia (CHCS) settled potential violations of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) Security […]

Montage Minute: LA City Minimum Wage & Paid Sick Leave!

Employers in the City of Los Angeles face new changes to minimum wage and paid sick time requirements, starting in July 2016.  Effective July 1, […]

Montage Minute: Congratulations to Our Client Dara Mir


Montage Minute: United Healthcare Offers Support for People Affected by Orlando Shooting

UnitedHealthcare and Optum, the health benefits and services companies of UnitedHealth Group, are taking immediate action to support people affected by the recent mass shooting […]

The Health Care Reform Bill—a quick overview for the busy executive curious about compliance

As featured in – Los Angeles Business Journal The Health Care Reform Bill—a quick overview for the busy executive curious about compliance I meet with […]

Growing Pains Are Real

As featured in – CSQ Leadership Managing the Costs of Employees through Providing Safe and Healthy Workplaces It is an election year so while the […]

Building a Culture of Leadership

Article featured in – CSQ- Leadership Building a Culture of Leadership Internal branding in harmony; adding value to others Developing a brand takes understanding what […]

Montage Minute: Pregnancy Leave Notice

The state of California has released this update. The link below is the newly released CA mandatory notice called : YOUR RIGHTS AND OBLIGATIONS AS […]

Montage Minute: Deal Reached to Boost California’s Minimum Wage to $15

Lawmakers and labor unions have struck a tentative deal to raise the statewide minimum wage to $10.50 an hour next year and then gradually to […]

The Big Boom in Health Care as Boomers Age

President & CEO, Danone Simpson, was recently featured in the Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s Economic Forecast & Trends Read more

Montage Minute: EEO-1 Filing Due 9/30

The EEO-1 Form is a report filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), mandated by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1967, […]

Are you compliant with ERISA?

ERISA — the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 — was originally designed for the protection of individuals enrolled in pension plans, but today […]

Culture Is Far Reaching

“Culture is something that can be influenced by leadership. The extra things we do for our employees are far reaching,” says Danone Simpson, CEO of […]

How Your Business is Impacted by New ACA Reporting Requirements

The Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created a few new reporting requirements, and many employers have questions. They want to know what reporting they need […]

How HR plays a vital role in change management

Human resources is at the heart of the company, touching all employees and helping spread the message of the C-suite. However, many times these employees […]

The 2015 Affordable Care Act transitional guidance — in laymen’s terms

The 2015 Affordable Care Act transitional guidance — in laymen’s terms “As we head into 2015, I’m encountering several employer groups who are coming to […]

Spread the culture: What the C-suite needs from HR

CEOs, CFOs and COOs all require specific things from their HR department. The CEO develops the mission, vision and direction of the company, fine-tuning the […]

Hiring the Right People: A Strategic Approach

The process used for the selection of key positions is likely to impact the organization’s goals and objectives. The costs associated with an ineffective process […]

How your business is impacted by new ACA reporting requirements

There are a few new reporting requirements the Affordable Care Act (ACA) has created, but with the overwhelming amount of disparate information on the topic, […]

Employer Mandate Delayed

Stick with Montage for further developments, but to sum up, the Employer Shared Responsibility provision appears to be delayed entirely for employers of 50-99 until […]

My Little Health Experiment

Ever wonder why and how you can possibly take so many vitamins or what you have to do now to stay healthy?  I mean, every […]

Whistle While You Work

Exercise – the forgotten ally With all the rustle and bustle we go through on a day to day basis; you wake up, go to […]

Things Happen

You know the saying, “When there’s a rhyme, there’s a rhythm”?  As humans, we do certain things by nature.  Have you realized that you didn’t […]

Don’t Forget to Take Your Vitamin…Sea??

Aloha! It may be no secret to you that I love the beach! You know better than anyone that when we are there we both […]

Generation GMO – Our Future of Genetically Modified Humans

In the olden days, an up and coming generation would look proudly to the generation before them for support, wisdom, and reassurance that they could […]

Disability Insurance Awareness Month

Did you know that May was Disability Insurance Awareness Month? Think about your most important asset.  Many people might say their car or their home.  […]

How employers should treat new hires under the PPACA’s employer shared responsibility rule

Under the Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act (PPACA), large employers may know that to avoid penalties, they need to offer coverage that is affordable […]

How to understand health care reform’s Employer Shared Responsibility

The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA) is full of employer mandates, but the most prominent and pressing for employers is the Shared Responsibility […]

Simple Cost-Effective Steps to Start a Wellness Culture in Your Company

Did you know that 2 out of 3 employees are interested in an employer-sponsored wellness campaign? Many organizations WANT to start a wellness campaign, but […]

How to use the PPACA’s safe harbor to determine which employees qualify for coverage

The Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act (PPACA) has a number of employer provisions generally called the “employer shared responsibility.” So, with this responsibility, who, […]

Cut the Clutter in 5 Areas of Your Life

While giant piles of mail, clothes and stuff is an eyesore, the more dangerous effects of clutter can be on your physical and mental wellbeing.  […]

Workplace Eye Health and Safety

The Facts 2,000: Average number of employees who sustain job-related eye injuries each working day. 10% – 20%: Percentage of workplace eye injuries that will […]

How the PPACA’s employer shared responsibility penalties work

The Patient Protection and Accountable Care Act (PPACA) has a number of employer provisions that all seem to fall, generally speaking, under an umbrella called […]

Healthy Choices: 20 Tips for Dining Out and Ordering Healthy

Restaurants can be your best friend. They are always there when you need them and they give you everything you want and more. Refueling our […]

How to Dress Your Best This Holiday Season

Company Function or Company Malfunction? How to Dress Your Best this Holiday Season Invites for holiday parties are flying around the office faster than Santa’s […]

Covering You Cover Your SBC!

There has been reason after reason why employers have pushed off learning about Health Care Reform and the employer intricacies contained within the bill.  And […]

Baby Steps, Big Benefits

Baby Steps, Big Benefits – How Walking Can Curb Medical Renewal Rates Many employers believe employees will accomplish more work if they spend more time at […]

Health Care Reform – Fines, Penalties and more!

…PAY OR PLAY Companies with more than 50 employees that do not offer health insurance as a benefit, and have at least one full-time employee […]

The Employer Cheat Sheet to Health Care Reform

An Executive Summary on the Top 14 Health Care Reform Requirements The Pay or Play penalty requires employers of more than 50 full time employees […]

Key Person Life and Disability Insurance

Do you have a select group of employees that you find to be a primary reason for your positive productivity and business successes?  Do you […]

Supreme Court Decision Final – Healthcare Reform

In a landmark ruling with wide-ranging implications, the Supreme Court today announced it will rule to uphold individual mandate, the piece of the legislation requiring […]

2013 HSA Maximums Announced!

“Mr. HSA” Finalizes 2013 HSA Projections – Washington, DC (PRWEB) April 16, 2012 Ramthun says that the maximum HSA contribution (not including catch-up contributions) will […]

Healthcare Reform Update

An historic day for the Healthcare Reform bill wrapped up today and most Supreme Court experts were very surprised at the proceedings.  The Supreme Court […]

Valerie Antillon’s My HR Profile

A New Year’s Reflection I can’t believe that I’ve been an HR practitioner for 20 years!  I started out as a receptionist in the Recruiting […]

Reform Bill: What You Need to Know Now; What You Need to Know for 2014

Health Care Reform is now a reality.  Another reality is that some employer groups are very angry about it.  Many employer groups are throwing up […]

Finding Employee Morale Solutions Through Education

For individuals tasked with fostering a positive work environment, it is vital to maximize every resource.  America is suffering from layoffs, salary reductions and a […]

Be Aware, Reduction in Salaries or Hours May Reduce Your Employees’ Benefits

As companies are reducing hours and wages the human resources professional may need to review the impact towards the employee benefit program.  If your company […]

A Strategic Long Term Look

The role of CFO has been pushed to the forefront in recent times like never before in history.  As the position has evolved over time, […]

Unleash the Passionate Employee

Culture is the talk of the table these days, not only the employee’s, but the C-Level Executives. What is culture? We ask if there is […]