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It seems like the evolution of healthcare choices that exist between fully insured plans and traditional self-funded options grows more and more every year. Between creative funding arrangements, self-funded plans that look and feel fully insured, fully insured plans that have claims fluctuation, TPAs unbundling every facet of the self-funded world, point solutions and all of the emerging tech, it’s a lot to keep up with!

Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of administering your employee benefits program? Look no further. Our service transforms this challenging task into an efficient, streamlined process, akin to smoothly running a business within your business.

We understand the intricacies of mandates and regulations and are dedicated to lifting this burden from your schedule.

We don't just sell plans; we offer a partnership. Our approach is to educate you about the latest plan designs and market trends, enabling you to make informed decisions that best suit your company's needs.

Our commitment is to ensure your benefits program is not only compliant but also highly valuable to you and your employees.

Choose us for a comprehensive, hassle-free experience in managing your employee benefits program, where your needs are understood and expertly addressed.

Employee Benefits Services

Exceptional Care for Your Employees

At Montage, we recognize the immense value of your employees and are dedicated to providing them with unparalleled White Glove service. Our signature offering, the Montage Claims Concierge, exemplifies our commitment to exceptional support. This dedicated team is readily available to assist your employees with any aspect of their benefits.

We provide a direct line to our full-time, in-house claims staff, ensuring that your employees have immediate access to expert assistance. Whether it's aid in locating a healthcare provider or resolving a complex billing issue, our multilingual Claims Concierge Team is equipped to handle all inquiries with the utmost care and professionalism. Our team comprises some of the most compassionate and knowledgeable insurance experts in the industry, ready to address any concern, no matter the size.

Our pledge is to ensure that your employees are supported at every turn. With Montage, they will receive prompt, empathetic, and skilled guidance to navigate through any benefits-related needs from A to Z reviewing all the carriers have to offer, HRIS and Open Enrollment support, Claims Management, Administration, EDI setups, COBRA management, supporting you all year long. Trust us to be the caring extension of your company, always there to support and resolve any issues with efficiency and warmth.

Enhance Your Business with Montage

At Montage, we understand the value of your time and the importance of efficient benefits management. This is why our clients highly value our team of expert benefits administrators, who are dedicated to easing the administrative load from your shoulders. When you partner with us, you gain access to a comprehensive benefits administration service, designed to free up your time for more critical business tasks.

Our seasoned professionals meticulously manage all aspects of your benefits program. From HRIS support, EDI setup, even processing applications if you are still doing it the old fashioned way, to handling benefits additions, changes, or terminations, we ensure seamless integration with carriers' eligibility systems. This proactive approach guarantees accuracy and timeliness in all administrative tasks. We assist will all your employees’ needs with a hands-on approach to help you enroll and manage the processes you chose to work with. We offer a few HRIS systems to chose from that help you manage your enrollments and new hires through-out the year with technicians at your side to build your systems and support your needs. During EDI setup we manage the administration of your plans for you as our team of professionals are setting you up with the carriers or manage your administration throughout the year if needed. We also audit three months after your renewal to ensure everyone is set up perfectly.

By choosing Montage, you activate a worry-free Benefits Administration service. We expertly manage any status changes within your employee population, keeping you informed with detailed weekly reports of all processed activities. Partner with us for a streamlined, hands-off experience in managing your employee benefits, allowing you to focus on what matters most in your business.

If you choose to use our COBRA services, this department will work together to ensure every employee and dependent is taken care of., auditing each month for accurate bills.

Tailored Benefits Management

At Montage, we offer a holistic approach to employee benefits management, beginning with a thorough market analysis tailored to the unique profile of your company. Our process involves annually negotiating with carriers, always keeping your employees and their families at the forefront, to secure the most advantageous plans and pricing.

We provide detailed, multi-dimensional spreadsheets to assist you and your finance team in making informed decisions. This meticulous preparation ensures that when selecting your annual benefits, you have a clear and comprehensive understanding of every data point, striking the perfect balance between cost and coverage for your budget.

Our service extends beyond just plan selection. We collaborate with you to tailor and implement a benefits strategy from its inception, through open enrollment, and beyond. Additionally, our benchmark studies guarantee that the benefits program you offer remains competitive, aiding in both recruitment and retention.

Partner with Montage for a seamless and strategic approach to benefits management, designed to meet your company's specific needs while ensuring optimal value and satisfaction for your workforce.

But our services don’t end there. We offer comprehensive COBRA administration, complimentary HR consulting, and full-service ERISA compliance. These trademarked Montage services are designed to not only benefit your employees but also to highlight the value and efficiency of your department across the entire organization. With Montage, you don’t just manage benefits; you become an invaluable asset to your company.

Elevating Employee Engagement

At Montage, we are renowned for orchestrating exceptional Open Enrollment Meetings and Health Fairs that go beyond the ordinary. Imagine events filled with engaging activities like biometric screenings, massages, and more, complemented by enticing food and raffle prizes. However, our expertise extends far beyond these events.

'Montage' signifies a tapestry of multifaceted services designed to enhance your employee experience. Our partnership offers a holistic approach, incorporating innovative solutions like our industry-leading Wellness Campaign and year-round on-site events. We keep your team informed and engaged with monthly newsletters and provide unparalleled support through our Concierge Claims Team.

We have developed a proprietary website, Healthefair® that allows you a customized page for housing all your benefits information, flyers and has an actual on-line health-fair for your employees from anywhere they work offering discounts to multiple products and services. Healthefair®, coupled with a state-of-the-art communication software allowing you to send pre-set communications to your employees via text or email for safety, holidays, important meetings or any other needs you may have. This innovative easy to use communication platform will keep your workforce connected, engaged and informed from the office-to the field.

Workplace Empowerment with Montage

At Montage, we recognize that effective employee education is the key driver in fostering positive perceptions of your benefits package. Achieving genuine 'buy-in' from employees and their families is crucial. It links the investment in benefits directly to tangible returns in retention, satisfaction, and productivity.

We specialize in crafting Open Enrollment events that are not just informative but also engaging and inspiring. Our approach is to connect with the hearts and minds of your employees, making the complex world of benefits both understandable and appealing. Our educational tools include customized brochures and impactful PowerPoint presentations, designed to resonate with your team and foster a culture of well-informed decision-making.

Our ultimate goal is to create 'TEAM' – Total Employer/Employee Appreciate Management. This is achieved through our dynamic wellness and employee engagement programs, which are tailor-made to enhance the overall workplace environment. With Montage, you’re not just administering benefits; you’re building a more connected, informed, and appreciative workplace.

Comprehensive Auditing Services

No more Missed Appointments-No more Billing Errors

Montage stands out in the industry with our dedicated full-time team of auditors, ensuring unparalleled accuracy in your benefits administration. Our specialized group diligently reviews the alignment between your employees' enrollment requests and the insurance carriers' membership rosters. With Montage as your partner, you gain the peace of mind that comes from having each employee correctly enrolled in the appropriate coverages.

Our commitment began with a foundational goal: to provide our clients with error-free billing and perfect harmony between enrollments and actual coverage placements. Our internal Auditing department collaborates closely with you, maintaining continuous accuracy in your plan enrollments. This vigilant oversight is critical. Without it, companies risk financial loss through premiums paid for terminated employees or, more critically, the distressing scenario of discovering an employee in urgent need of healthcare is not properly covered.

Our in-house Auditing team performs meticulous benefits reconciliation. This involves a thorough review of all additions and terminations to your coverage, cross-checked against your insurers' eligibility systems. This double-layer of scrutiny not only prevents financial waste but also alleviates the concern of employees being uninsured during critical moments. Choose Montage for airtight auditing that safeguards both your financial resources and the wellbeing of your employees.

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