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Technology Consulting for Optimal System Integration

Cutting-Edge Technology Expertise at Montage

At Montage, we are renowned as a consulting firm leading the charge in the rapidly evolving technology landscape of our industry. We have dedicated in-house system experts whose sole focus is to provide specialized support to our clients. These specialists are well-versed in navigating the plethora of systems available in the market, ensuring that our clients receive tailored technology solutions.

Personalized Technology Solutions

We reject the "One Solution Fits All" approach, priding ourselves on our profound expertise in the most commonly used systems and maintaining a wide-ranging technological acumen. This comprehensive knowledge enables us to confidently support clients regardless of their chosen technology vendor. Our team’s proficiency extends across various platforms, including enrollment systems like Maxwell Health, PlanSource, and Employee Navigator, major payroll vendors like ADP, Paycom, Paychex, and Paylocity, as well as other common technology partners such as Vibe, OnCore, SynchHR, Epicor, and Kronos.

Tailored Support

The advantage for our clients at Montage lies in how we utilize our expertise for your benefit. Whether you are transitioning to a new system and need support with report generation, data upload, or data entry, or if you are experiencing utilization issues with your current system, our dedicated team is here to enhance your system knowledge and augment your operational capabilities. We assist in loading your benefits into the systems, establishing API/EDI feeds, and ensuring your system functions optimally. Our team is here to help you all year long- from open enrollment to managing new hires and data to ensure accuracy with new hires and terminations.

Technology Selection and Transition

If you are contemplating the adoption of a new system or considering a change, we offer comprehensive consultations to explore the various options available. For organizations leveraging technology, Montage stands as the unrivaled broker equipped with the expertise and support necessary to navigate the complex world of technological integration and optimization.

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