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Transforming Employee Health for Real ROI

Tailored Wellness Initiatives

At Montage, we understand that a well-executed and energetic Wellness Initiative can significantly benefit your organization. Recognizing the uniqueness of what “good health” means for each individual, we have invested in creating programs that cater to a wide health spectrum. Our approach is to intervene earlier in the health continuum, moving beyond traditional medical responses to embrace more proactive measures.


Our proprietary solution offers a customized platform to manage your employees benefits housing and communications, along with a virtual health fair for your employees from anywhere they work.

Innovative and Engaging Health Programs

Our wellness strategy includes a range of innovative solutions like on-site massage therapy, biometric screenings, incentive programs, and fun challenges. These initiatives are designed not just for intervention but also for prevention, helping employees maintain their health well before traditional medical intervention becomes necessary.

Strategic Approach to Health and Cost Management

Our process begins with a thorough analysis of your claims, identifying prevalent issues within your group. We then set short, medium, and long-term goals aimed at reducing persistent claims and bending the cost curve downwards. While cost savings are a significant outcome, our primary focus is on the health and well-being of your employees.

Wellness Campaigns and Claims Management

Montage is recognized as an industry leader in influencing claims trends and promoting a culture of healthy living. We utilize our newsletters to align with the national health calendar, providing timely and valuable wellness information. This approach is complemented by on-site initiatives that reinforce a wellness-centric workplace culture.

Claims Management for Maximum ROI

Our Wellness Initiatives work seamlessly with our internal claims team, creating a holistic approach to health management. We focus on preventing claims through early detection screenings and managing existing claims with our Concierge team, ensuring a comprehensive strategy for your wellness investment.

Advocating for Your Employees' Health

We treat your employees with the same care and advocacy as we would our own families. Our passionate commitment to their health and well-being sets us apart, ensuring that every wellness initiative we undertake is executed with unrivaled enthusiasm and expertise.

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