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Insurance Services

HR Consulting

Montage Insurance offers premier HR consulting and support, including telephonic support, a resource library, advanced tools, on-site consulting, industry memberships, leave management solutions, and expert legal referrals for comprehensive risk management.

Seminars & Workshops

Montage Insurance offers consulting and legal support, focusing on professional knowledge and compliance, with expert-led summits, compliance education, HR workshops, and accessible seminar formats for business acumen and compliance readiness.

TPA Services

Montage offers in-house TPA services for COBRA and ERISA compliance, with a focus on precision and personalized administration, ensuring quality support and successful Department of Labor audits.


Montage provides cutting-edge technology expertise with personalized solutions, supporting clients across various platforms and vendors, and offering tailored support for system transitions and operational optimization.

Health & Wellness

Montage offers tailored wellness initiatives, focusing on proactive health measures, innovative programs, strategic cost management, and comprehensive claims management, all with a strong commitment to employee health and well-being.

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