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Comprehensive TPA Services for COBRA & ERISA Compliance

In-House TPA Services

Montage distinguishes itself with an in-house Third-Party Administrator (TPA) department, dedicated exclusively to ensuring your compliance with COBRA and ERISA regulations. Recognizing the critical importance of these areas, we have integrated these services within our operations to provide you with direct, expert support.

ERISA Compliance

Given the Department of Labor’s statistics indicating that about 75% of plans are out of compliance, we’ve made ERISA services a central focus. Our in-house ERISA wrap tool is designed for precision and reliability, having successfully passed hundreds of Department of Labor audits. It is also endorsed by the largest underwriting association in America, underscoring our commitment to excellence and compliance in ERISA management.

Personalized COBRA Administration

By managing COBRA services under the same roof, we offer a seamless and familiar experience for your employees transitioning to COBRA coverage. Our licensed TPA professionals handle your COBRA population with the same dedication and care as your full-time employees. This personalized approach not only builds trust but also ensures continuity and quality in the administration of your COBRA benefits.

With Montage’s TPA services, you receive more than just compliance assistance; you gain a partner committed to providing exceptional, personalized support for both your COBRA and ERISA needs.

TPA Services Details

Simplifying COBRA Compliance

Minimizing Risks and Maximizing Savings in COBRA Coverage: At Montage, we understand the complexities and potential risks associated with COBRA coverage, including adverse selection and unnecessary claims. Our goal is to minimize these risks while achieving significant savings for our clients.

Personalized COBRA Management: Handling COBRA issues can be challenging and emotional. Our team provides a personal touch in dealing with you and your participants. We offer guidance towards individual plans through our sister company, Simpolicy, and ensure compliance with the requirements to offer individual and exchange plan information.

Expert COBRA Administration: Our in-house certified benefits experts are trained to manage every aspect of your COBRA administrative duties.

Our services encompass:

  • Personalized responses to all COBRA-related queries from employees and their families.
  • Reliable tracking and notification of Qualifying Events (QEs).
  • Written notifications of COBRA rights and obligations.
  • Billing and collection of COBRA premiums, with remittance to the employer or insurance carriers.
  • Comprehensive monthly management reports detailing all COBRA activity.
  • Proactive management of open enrollment changes and federal compliance updates.
  • Complete enrollment packet distribution to all COBRA participants.

Montage's COBRA Administrative Services offer a worry-free solution for your COBRA compliance needs. As a Montage client, you receive a hands-on, dedicated approach to managing your COBRA coverage.

Streamline Your 5500 Compliance Process

Cost-Free Compliance Management: At Montage, we not only cover all costs associated with this crucial compliance aspect but also pair you with top-tier professionals. Our services ensure seamless adherence to compliance requirements.

Specialized Form 5500 Filing Expertise: Our CPA partners are experts in Form 5500 filings, specializing exclusively in this area. They provide dedicated support to accurately and efficiently handle your filings.

Proactive Monitoring and Documentation: We actively monitor your organization, insurance lines, and enrollment numbers to guarantee timely filings. Our team handles all necessary documentation, from gathering Schedule-A’s to preparing filings that require only your review and final signature.

With Montage, experience a hassle-free compliance process, knowing every detail is meticulously managed by experts.

Effortless Management of PPACA Forms

Proactive Response to New Compliance Requirements: Montage is committed to easing the burden of new compliance obligations on our clients. As the PPACA introduced the need for 1094 and 1095 forms, we have proactively staffed internal experts to manage these requirements efficiently.

Comprehensive Consulting and Integration Services: We provide expert consultation on coding, create tailored workbooks, and facilitate coordination between your carriers, payroll vendor, and any HRIS systems. Our approach includes offering easy-to-use, upload-friendly software, significantly reducing the workload associated with these mandatory filings.

Choose Montage for a streamlined and stress-free approach to managing PPACA form requirements, where your compliance needs are expertly handled.

Comprehensive Support in ERISA Compliance

Understanding ERISA Compliance Obligations: ERISA compliance is a crucial aspect for all companies, regardless of size. Recent developments indicate that the Department of Labor (DOL) plans to audit 100% of group health plans subject to ERISA within the next three years, with a particular focus on small to medium-sized employers.

Increasing DOL Audits: To facilitate this initiative, the DOL has reportedly expanded its auditing team significantly. The first documents typically requested in these audits are the plan document and the Summary Plan Description (SPD).

High Non-Compliance Rates: DOL statistics suggest that approximately 75% of plans are currently non-compliant, especially concerning the SPD. Many employers either lack an SPD, use non-compliant carrier certificates, or incur high fees for legal assistance in document preparation.

Significant Penalties for Non-Compliance: Employers face substantial fines for non-compliance, with penalties reaching up to $110 per day, per violation, and no maximum cap or statute of limitations.

Montage's Proactive Compliance Solutions: Montage offers an efficient portal for storing all pertinent documents, accessible 24/7. Our ERISA wrap tool, endorsed by the nation’s largest underwriting association, has successfully passed numerous DOL audits. Partner with Montage for expert guidance and tools to achieve and maintain ERISA compliance confidently.

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