Ed Ligondé

Vice President of Employee Benefits, Marketing & Technology

Ed Ligondé was born of two Haitian immigrants in Florida. He proved his ability to learn material quickly at an early age. His family spoke Creole as primary, but English is the language of the land. As he grew, not only did he have to learn the idea of language, but had to learn a foreign language simultaneously and still finished on top of his class. He went on to succeed in his academics finishing high school with a 4.4 GPA while also acquiring many awards and acknowledgements playing soccer and piano.

Ed would only be the third member of his family to go to college, and after careful consideration of academics and the opportunity to continue his passion for the sport of soccer, he decided to sign his national letter of intent to join the #1 nationally ranked UCLA Men’s Soccer Team and attend the prestigious university.

Upon graduating from UCLA with a major in Sociology & Economics, Ed had already completed 1 year at a top 10 internship program with Northwestern Mutual. At Northwestern Mutual, he quickly obtained his Life & Health license and immediately dove into the heart of the business; truly learning how to work with individuals, families and businesses in the matters of insurance and financial planning. During his time with Northwestern, he became a team captain, coaching his young colleagues and leading by example while also acquiring national and local acknowledgments for his success. Ed found his way into top 10 intern list in California and selected for Winter Camp (an educational and extremely inspirational all-expense paid event held once a year for the top 100 interns in the company, amongst 4,000 interns).

After graduating, he continued his success with Northwestern Mutual for another year. After taking a look at his abilities, potential and goals, he went searching for a more solid place for his talents to be utilized. This led him to Montage Insurance Solutions.

Under the leadership and tutelage of a recognized and experienced business owner and surrounded by a team of experts in the insurance, legal and human resources field, his knowledge of the business skyrocketed.
Now, in his near decade with Montage, he has graduated from one position to another and assisted in the expansive growth of the firm.

In June of 2013 he became the Director of the Employee Benefits department. After showcasing his talents in being able to wear multiple hats and assist with processes that truly fit the Montage way of client service he was then promoted to Vice President of Employee Benefits, Marketing & Technology.

Employee Benefits Marketing and Technology has become a passion for Ed throughout the years. Finding creative ways to bring forth a customized benefit solution to clients and then working to ensure that clients have the appropriate technology to roll out to their employees. He assists with the entire process from the implementation component to the EDI integration and feeds with vendors and carriers. Working in this strategic capacity allowed him to win the 2016 San Fernando Valley Business Journal’s Most Trusted Advisor Award amongst a sea of experienced professionals. Additionally, within Montage he has been awarded The 2014 “Best in Client Service” Award, 2016 “All Star” award and 2017 “Outstanding Contribution” Award.

Ed makes himself readily available to all his clients and their employees by giving out his cell phone number at enrollment meetings and quick to respond to e-mails and phone calls. Ed likes to say, “I will not go to bed without reading and responding to every e-mail that day.”