Jessica Pineda

Junior Employee Benefits Account Manager

Originally from El Salvador, Jessica Pineda knew at an early age that she wanted to help people. The wife and mother of four boys began her career working in a Chiropractic office helping and interacting with patients after suffering intense back pain herself. While working 8 years in the medical field, Ms. Pineda became a Certified Chiropractic Assistant and Massage Therapist, in addition to taking classes in business management; during the course of her work she went from Front Desk assistant to Office Management.

Eventually, Ms. Pineda was offered a position in the insurance field at an insurance brokerage firm where she spent several years adapting and learning ways in which to bring her knowledge and commitment to a wider scope of people. After years of great service and dedication to the human experience, Ms. Pineda decided to join Montage Insurance Solutions because of its stellar reputation as a small business, and its shared passion for helping people.

Ms. Pineda believes that everything happens for a reason and she knows that she is not with Montage by chance.