How to Dress Your Best This Holiday Season

By Eva A. Allen | Posted: August 16, 2017

Company Function or Company Malfunction? How to Dress Your Best this Holiday Season

Invites for holiday parties are flying around the office faster than Santa’s sleigh on Christmas Eve. ‘Tis the season for casual gatherings, fancy dinners and lively cocktail hours. Are you ready to set a favorable impression at your company? Use these 6 stylish secrets to wow your colleagues:

1) Plan ahead. Know the dress code ahead of time. If it’s not disclosed in the invitation, use the venue as a source to draw inspiration. Put some thought into it: you would dress differently for a party at your coworkers’ house than you would for a party at a restaurant lounge.

2) Better safe than sorry. When in doubt, dress on the conservative side. Layering is a great way to dress up with the opportunity to dress down. Try topping your outfit off with a classy blazer or an embellished shawl.

3) Texturize. Now is the time of year to spice up your wardrobe with fun textures for the season. Try one of these cozy options: velvet, satin and cashmere.

4) Simple is beautiful. If you’re looking to make a statement, wear a fancy piece and dress the rest down (i.e. if you’re going for the velvet look, wear a velvet blazer with black slacks or velvet skinny jeans with a white chiffon blouse – NOT a velvet blazer with velvet skinny jeans.)

5) Accessorize. Use accessories to complete your look. Opt for a glistening necklace or dangly earrings that frame your face. For a man, try a colorful tie with a stylish tie clip. These items are festive and can be easily removed if you feel over-dressed upon arrival.

6) Suits you. Be yourself! Let your character shine through, yet don’t feel like you have to be somebody else. Make sure you are comfortable in your outfit. If you are not the kind of girl who wears 5-inch heels, now is not the time to test out the look.

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