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Health & Wellness

Real Results On Employee Health, Real Return On Investment

When executed properly, an energetic and targeted Wellness Initiative can have a profound impact on your organization—but only when executed properly. Too often we find a haphazardness about the overarching strategy, or an inconsistent application of the long-term objective. At Montage, we made the investment years ago because we sincerely believe that what it means to be in “good health” can range from person to person.

We have found that if you consider health to be a spectrum, then that spectrum—spanning from a person’s perfect health to the point where there is real trouble—actually has quite a bit of room for intervention. We’re aware that many in our industry are content to allow intervention to occur at the point of hospitalization or the need for a prescription.  But, at Montage, we decided that wasn’t good enough, and we set out to move the point of intervention sooner in the continuum. With massage therapy, biometric screenings brought on site, incentive programs rolled out to the employees, fun “game-style” challenges and precision in the measurement of results, we believe that a person can be helped far earlier than the traditional medical community of doctors and pharmacists—and we bring that belief to every partnership we engage in.

Beginning with a calculated look at your claims, and the issues that over-present in your group specifically, we will craft a series of short, medium and long term goals that will lower your persistent claims and will categorically bend your cost curve down. The cost savings are a welcome byproduct, but the truth of the matter is that we are sincerely passionate about your employees and the health of your population. At Montage, we bring an enthusiasm like no other to Health and Wellness Campaigns and that is why we are long established as the industry’s leading consulting firm when it comes to impacting claims trends and infusing an energy for healthy living, one group at a time.

We leverage our newsletters as a way to follow the national health calendar and provide frequent, valuable information on important aspects of wellness. We overlay that informational approach with on-site touches, like complimentary massage therapy to really bolster a culture of wellness.

Importantly, our Wellness Initiatives work hand and glove with our internal claims team to help manage claims from every angle. There are the claims we can work to prevent by bringing out early detection screenings, and then there are the claims that we can help manage with our Concierge team to really create a total approach to your utilization that will provide maximum ROI for your wellness investments.

With regards to health and well-being, the Montage difference is that we treat your employees as though they were our own families and we will advocate for their health with an unrivaled passion.


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