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Saving Lives, Saving Money

At Montage, we have spent years developing our Safety and Loss Control Programs. We know that there is tremendous value in the fact that lowering claims instances will lower our clients’ premiums—but, we also know the real value is that a mindset of safety does more than save money, it saves lives.

Through a proprietary mix of on-site location walk-throughs, meet and greets with your local Clinics, safety incentive games, trainings and engaging employee buy in, we will help you by being that active and energetic partner who truly ushers in a culture of safe behavior.

With our thorough claims management system, we are able to further assist you in closing claims, managing the difficult ones in the best way possible, and ultimately lowering your Ex-Mod. We do claims reviews quarterly or monthly as needed.

We have some of the best minds in the field on staff, and we partner with some of the most respected Loss Control Experts, so when you work with Montage, you work with a team that has proven results.

Many clients come to us with the goal of lowering their Ex-Mod and getting a handle on their claims. Sometimes we find that they don’t already have an active Safety Committee in place, so we begin by assisting them in founding that, and we become prominent members. We help establish a team, review the issues that plague the organization, and set about charting a course to reverse them.

With Montage as your partner, you can expect real results, hard dollars saved, and life-altering injuries avoided.


Dedication, Service and Integrity.


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