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Health Care Reform & Legal Compliance

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In order for you to truly compete as a business, you need a partner who will not only consistently bring you the most up-to-the-minute information, but delivers it in an understandable and accurate fashion. At Montage, we staff some of the industry’s most respected authorities on Health Care Legislation and we ensure that our clients are receiving extremely thorough reviews of how their plans stack up with legislative requirements. All of our clients undergo full compliance audits from the moment they come on board, and immediately upon any changes in law that might affect their plans. Our clients are fully briefed on how changes at Capitol Hill impact their plans and practices, so they can make strategic decisions with a full understanding of the governmental impacts.

To augment our best-in-class Health Care Reform expertise, we provide our clients a direct channel to some of the leading Labor Law Attorneys in the country. When you partner with Montage, you receive access to top notch council that is available to assist you with everything from a quick phone call to drafting a policy or even coming out on-site.

At the end of the day, you must have a confidence that your partner is bringing you all the legal understanding and protection you need, and with Montage, you get all that and more.

With our Montage Minute updates, we are always leading the way in pushing out breaking news to our clients the moment there are relevant updates that need to be broadcasted.


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