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Dedication, Service and Integrity

Actively managing your company’s Workers’ Compensation claims is vital in controlling costs that affect your bottom line—and, the responsibility for doing so must be placed in the right hands. At Montage, we are committed to providing you with dynamic claims management and dedicated service. Through our partnership with experts in loss control and safety, we will tailor a program specifically to fit the needs of your company and help you achieve cost-saving goals. We have created some of the most effective incentive programs and we will help you implement them to reduce and maintain a low experience modification.

Our deep commitment to your employees’ safety goes far beyond the carriers’ resources—we partner with you to bring in our solutions as well. We are members, and in many cases founding members, of our clients’ dedicated risk and safety teams. We will create monthly outreaches ranging from safety memos, to trainings, to buy-in programs that will inject a new safety awareness into your company that is certain to yield positive results. Through our monthly or quarterly claims management reviews, we are able to help you manage your claims, develop a modified duty program, and get your employees back to work as soon as possible. Our expertise in managing your employees’ benefits, FMLA, legal compliance, EPLI and Workers’ Compensation allows a big picture view of employee management.

Additional Information

Montage is committed to providing claims assistance to be the liaison between the carrier and your company.

  • Claims review, analysis and customized trending to proactively manage claims with incentive programs
  • Decades of claims management experience
  • Claim-specific reviews and updates are provided as needed, based on the extent and severity of the claim
  • Dedicated Claims Manager available for all phone calls
  • Certificate of insurance management
  • Projected Experience Modification
  • Personalized review of all claims and how they affect your Ex Mod
  • Loss Run Analysis
  • Developing a plan of action to assist your company in Ex Mod reduction
  • We create customized IIPP binders for every site
  • Claims forms/DWC-1
  • Safety training sign-in sheets
  • Safety fliers
  • Your clinic information (specific per site)
  • Carrier information on how to file a claim
  • Company protocol
  • Clinic on-site meetings to review company protocol with the Doctor’s team managing your claims
  • The binder we provide you represents all of your policies in one, concise, place that is Cal and Federal OSHA-ready
  • If OSHA were to come on-site, you can call our Loss Control Expert to assist you as needed

Our staff is available to be on location to manage any site reviews and ensure the carrier updates are accomplished. We will help you manage the audits to ensure your employees are in the proper class codes and all is to your satisfaction.

We partner with experts who will help identify areas where specific employee training needs to be conducted. Our experts will do a thorough inspection of your company’s risk management and safety needs, to help you identify any specific trainings that are needed. These specific trainings, such as forklift certification, will be conducted quarterly or bi-annually, as needed, and will be done in addition to the on-going safety management service. We will provide you with a thorough analysis and hands-on support including detailed, photographic documentation of your risks, helping to manage your hazardous materials, helping your office staff with ergonomics/bending and lifting, making sure any drivers you have get their motor vehicle records reviewed and assessed, and more.

  • Safety assessment
  • Safety training at Corporate site
  • Assistance in establishing a Safety Committee
  • Accident causes and prevention
  • Accident investigations and reporting-supervisors, managers or employees
  • Back Safety / Safe Lifting
  • Driving Safety
  • Emergency Preparedness, Evacuation Procedures and Drills / Fire Extinguisher Use
  • Electrical Safety
  • Ergonomics: training and awareness
  • Office Safety (General)
  • Housekeeping (General)
  • And many more

Contact us to have one of our representatives explain the types of trainings we can provide for your company.


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