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The Right Partner For Schools Understands Their Uniqueness

At Montage, we understand serving the education community, be it Charters/CMO’s, Public School Districts, Private Schools, Religious Schools or Higher Education Institutions, the education world is so important to us that we break it out to give you your own special spotlight. Education is totally unique and you need a broker who understands that. We serve some of the largest educational institutions in the nation, and we are extremely proud of our footprint in this community.  We are the type of partner who will not only get you broader coverage limits for less money, but will also understand how to enroll employees in benefits across multiple school sites, and will coordinate chair massage therapists for your PD days, and personalized gifts for your group during Teacher’s Appreciation week.

Placing your school insurance with Montage gives you distinctive benefits. Having over one hundred insurance carriers we partner with, as a coupling to our outstanding service package, we have unique capabilities to implement the program best suited for you. We offer solid, comprehensive protection, competitively priced, and backed by our personalized touch. In addition, we understand the value-adds that a program specifically designed for an educational organization needs to include, and we bring you the best in complimentary policy enhancements.

Our core competencies have been developed over time, using years of experience. We will continue to move beyond traditional insurance functions to act as a strategic partner and client advocate.

We respond quickly and thoroughly to your questions and concerns.

When you choose Montage4Schools for your school coverage, you partner with experience, dedication and proven results.

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If you take a moment to visit our Employee Benefits page, you will see more information on our overall benefits prowess, but as you do that, make special note that our unique differentiator for you is our ability to bring a deep-seated benefits expertise and then overlay that with a shrewd understanding of the education world specifically. What works in the private sector may not necessarily work for you, and at Montage, we get that.

We have successfully helped educational organizations as they compete with larger districts, as they balance enrollment volumes amongst various insurers, and we have been at the forefront of helping complex organizations get the absolute most out of their health care packages.

From an Employee Benefits standpoint, Montage brings an unparalleled expertise—and from the standpoint of leveraging that knowledge with the uniqueness of the education world, no one does it like we do.

Whether its Workers’ Compensation, various liability coverages or insuring your property, your school assets are as important to us as they are to you, and we have access to insurance carriers who specialize in this market segment—and who most brokers cannot access. In other words, if you place your coverage with us, you might find that you are seeing, for the first time, a whole group of carriers and program options that you never knew were specifically designed just for education entities.

We take exceptional care in the marketing and development of your coverages. Our partners and general agents are the best in the industry. Our combined expertise and volume will bring you the best pricing.

We want to bring you choice and options for your company.

We will also create your IIPP (Injury and Illness Prevention Program) for you:

  • We create customized IIPP binders for every site
  • Claims forms
  • Safety training sign-in sheets
  • Safety fliers
  • Your clinic information (specific per site)
  • DWC-1
  • Carrier information on how to file a claim
  • Company protocol
  • Clinic on-site meetings to review company protocol with the Doctor’s team managing your claims
  • The binder we provide you represents all of your policies in one, concise, place that is Cal and Federal OSHA-ready
  • If OSHA were to come on-site, you can call our Loss Control Expert to assist you as needed


Dedication, Service and Integrity.


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