Things Happen

By Ed Ligondé | Posted: August 16, 2017

You know the saying, “When there’s a rhyme, there’s a rhythm”?  As humans, we do certain things by nature.  Have you realized that you didn’t think about it when you were tying your shoes this morning?  You probably wondered how you got to work today since the route is so familiar.

There are other things we do naturally like, finding the right car insurance when you purchase a new vehicle, reviewing your homeowners’ policy when you move or purchase a new home.  We take care of our goods, but what many professionals forget about is the protection of their lives.  Are you a mother, father, or a key person in a business?  Do you have outstanding debts and things you want to ensure are paid off?  What would happen to all of your “things” if something happened to you on your way home from work today?  Would your kids or family members have to pay off the rest of your mortgage?  Would your kids be able to afford college?  Who will take over that car payment?

Life can happen faster than you can blink.  Some good, some bad.  Yet, as much as we can plan, we never know what tomorrow can really bring us… so how do we, well, plan for the unknown.  Unless you’re Evil Knievel, we take steps on the daily to improve our odds of success.   You wear a life vest on a sea-doo, you lock your door when you go to sleep at night, and we wear seatbelts to protect us all when life happens.  That’s why there’s life insurance, to help protect our families and financial futures without being a detriment.

September 2013 is Life Insurance Awareness Month.  Take this month to review your family and financial situation, sit down with a professional and learn about all of your options.  There are many different types of life insurance.  What you will find is protecting your family can be a lot simpler and affordable than you think!  It just might be worth your time.

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