Whistle While You Work

By Ed Ligondé | Posted: August 16, 2017

Exercise – the forgotten ally

With all the rustle and bustle we go through on a day to day basis; you wake up, go to work, come home, go to bed, just to wake up the next morning and do it all over again.

“Where’s my “ME” time?” you might be asking yourself.  “I’m so tired these days,” we start to tell ourselves.

What is simple to forget and sometimes understand is that exercising can do more than just be an obligation that takes up a block of time in your schedule.  Its stress relieving, fever reducing, multi-faceted span of minutes that can be fun, variable and most definitely beneficial.

A Few Ideas:
Depending on your distance to work, how hard would it be to take your bike to work? That doesn’t mean every day, but maybe you start off with one day a week, then two, then three.
Work at home? Not a problem!  If you are working from home, you can take breaks when you need to and use these breaks to your advantage.  Even if it’s at night when you’re watching your favorite episodes of ‘Friends’ or ‘Homeland’, think about moving the coffee table to the side and doing some core building, abdominal workouts and even pushups.  What you might find is that if you’re that engaged in the show, you’ll be breaking a sweat no problem.

How long is your lunch break?  Grab a coworker or two and take a walk around the block.  Even walking at a pace of 1 mile an hour has its benefits such as improving blood sugar levels and increasing your metabolic state.  You don’t even have to sweat!

Are you in front of the computer screen all day at your desk?  Stay true to those breaks and use them!  Think about setting an alarm that goes off every hour reminding you to stand up and walk around.  Walk around the office, take a breath of fresh air outside and stretch.  A 15-minute walk can change your day.

These are just a few of the thousands of ideas you can do to get yourself moving, increase circulation and help you thinking clearly.  Any bit of exercising helps your fatigue levels too!  Those who exercise have much more energy in the day than those who don’t.

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