My Little Health Experiment

By Cristina Terzes | Posted: August 16, 2017

Ever wonder why and how you can possibly take so many vitamins or what you have to do now to stay healthy?  I mean, every time you turn on the TV or read an article, someone from somewhere is telling you of a new “special” pill out there, or the next “miracle” drug that will change your life.  OR in order to stay healthy you have to take 20 different vitamins.  It can be overwhelming to the point of asking yourself, “Why bother?”  If you have been thinking this, you are not alone.

This takes me back to when I was younger, and my mom would always remind me to take my vitamins. Well I didn’t mind too much, but I had to take those chewable Flintstones vitamins.  I can’t say that I enjoyed artificial fruit flavors mixed with vitamins. I ate well as a child, but never fully acknowledged what healthy eating was or what healthy habits were.  I just ate what I liked, and luckily for my parents, it was usually good for me.  Eventually the time came, and I was able to take my first adult capsule. Let’s just say that didn’t last long. The vitamins were huge, and I decided that it was back to the chewable Flintstones vitamins for me.  And this was where my dislike for vitamins came in and anything that sounded good for you.

As I got older, I remembered this experience and never paid too much attention to the whole concept of taking my vitamins. Recently, I’ve had to change my tune a bit. Through the various articles that I read every day and research I do for Montage’s Wellness Newsletters, I have learned that there are SEVERAL health benefits to taking vitamins, and treating my body well.  So I started slowly with my self-improvement and vitamin intake. First came the vitamin D, and then came the vitamin B, and then Fish Oil, and then vitamin K, and so on. Then I added essential oils in the mix for better sleep and stress relief.   After months of taking my vitamins and using the oils, I continually felt great. My immune system had “strengthened” and I had more energy.  The research that I have done on wellness has not just led me to the benefits of vitamins, but also various wellness techniques, exercises, remedies such as essential oils and more. I stared to create healthier options and choices for myself.

And after the last few years of intense research, my knowledge was put to the test last night. I was making stuffed jalapeno poppers, and realized I had forgotten to wear gloves before taking out all the seeds. Oh, I was in for it! The heat burn on my finger was so bad, it hurt for several hours. I tried dipping it in milk, running cold water on it, icing it, and nothing worked. Once I got home, I noticed my lavender oil I had bought for stress relief next to my bed.  I remembered through research that lavender had a healing effect for skin rashes, and similar issues. Well, it was worth a shot. I put a little lavender oil on my finger, and within seconds the burning was gone! I was beyond excited for trying this new remedy.

It was at that moment that it hit me.  I have been slowly but surely on this path to improving my healthy habits.  From not taking vitamins, to now taking vitamins regularly, I made the decisions on my own to take better care of myself. I did it when the time was right, and did what I wanted to do.  It became second nature and I strongly believe it can for you as well.  Study up and you’ll see.  I have increased my knowledge of wellness and maintain the skills to help heal and cure the most common issues.  I’m not an expert, but I’m no longer a skeptic.  I do think that there are gimmicks out there, and people who just want to sell you another product. But I also believe that there are many things that are really there to help us. For the skeptics out there, I’m hoping that everyone takes an opportunity to step out of their comfort zone, and try something new.  I encourage all of you to try a wellness tip that we post on our Facebook, or put in our newsletters. They’ve helped me!  They may help you too!

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